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Just wow!

Huge thank you from Gidgit, Angry and the Colonel for helping us hit such a big mark. It was something we’d hope to get to, but never this soon after starting from nothing but quoting 80s movies on Twitter.

For a topic of only 80s movies, you’ve certainly all shown us that these are still amazing films to watch and enjoy, even after all these years. To everyone that has taken the time to write, post, comment and simply just download an episode, thanks for your support, and boy, do we have a lot of movies still do … Read more

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The RC is now on Soundcloud!

With our affiliation to the ACPN group of podcasts The Retro Cinema is now available for your listening pleasure on the Soundcloud platform.

Click the image below to find us there!

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Love our intro? – Meet Lana White

We’ve had a lot of compliments given for our new intro theme to our podcast, so we thought we’d let you know who was behind it.

Lana is an American Singer Songwriter with a fantastic modern country sound we just love and we’re very grateful for her work in creating our introduction theme.

You can find her website HERE – and Lana is on Twitter also.

She has just released her new album, so take the time to check out her amazing work! Tell her hi from us 🙂


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Revamped Instagram!

Cold rainy day in Melbourne today, so naturally it’s a good time to get some work done. We’ve cleaned up and added heaps of GIFS to the instagram account to make it more entertaining for you!

Find it here


Thanks again, and keep watching 80’s movies!… Read more

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The Retro Cinema joins the ACPN !

The ACPN is a curated network of podcasts that cover a huge range of pop culture topics and as of this week, The Retro Cinema joins the ACPN as one of the programs available alongside their other fantastic podcasts!

What does this mean for regular listeners? Nothing changes! It’s exciting because we get to have those fantastic movies we rave about out to a wider audience. We also get to support other great podcasters out there as well!

If you’d like to have a look at other programs available, head on over to: and check them out! Or search … Read more

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5000 Thank Yous

A little over six months ago, Gidgit, her partner the Colonel (GIFKing) and I started talking about putting together a podcast having fun with all the 80’s movies we love. This literally stemmed from late nights tweeting movie quotes and bad gifs at each. Colonel helping with so much behind the scenes and lets face it, you can’t get Gidgit and I to shut up anyway. Our only rule was, and is, we do a movie we both love.

Highlander was an easy choice to start with 🙂

Six months later and as you’re reading this, so is the Cinematic … Read more

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Spotify Movie Music playlist!

Huge Retro Cinema Podcast fan @coldpolarbear has taken the time to put together a set of songs that celebrate all the music from the movies we’ve covered so far.

You can find it right HERE!


Thanks so much CPB, we really appreciate it! – Gidgit & Angry… Read more

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As always a huge thank you from Gidgit and I for all the fantastic comments you have taken the time to leave!

We’ve made it easier now – you don’t have to fill in the email address details anymore. We don’t need the address, we just enjoy hearing from you!

Now go enjoy another podcast 🙂


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Retro Cinema Goes YouTube!

As many of you know, Gidge’s partner the Colonel does all our GIFS (here).

But the two of them have collaborated on an amazingly brilliant 80’s movie mashup with of course, Queen!  You’re going to love it!

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Retro Cinema Movie GIFS

Thanks to the Colonel (Gidge’s partner) we have a wide range of GIFs for you to enjoy and use like maniacs and spread the Retro movie love!

You can find them all HERE


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