154 – Top Ten Films of 1982

Our final episode for the decade and 2019! Join us as you’re wrapping your presents and hear us talking about the best in cinema in 1982 – including your own Top Ten as voted by you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we’ll see you in 2020!

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150 – Top Ten 80s Movies Based on True Stories

This week it’s all about those amazing movies from the 80s that drew their stories from the lives of real people and events. Join us as we look at our favourites and shout out a lot of yours too!

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146 – Top Ten Creepiest Characters

Yes this week we’re a day early! Why? Because this week is HUGE. Not only is it a fun top ten where we discuss those creepy characters from 80s movies, but in a massive coup for us, David Weiner joins us with his top ten!

David is the writer and director of the incredible 80s horror documentary “In Search of Darkness” and kindly spent some time with us giving us his film experience and Top Ten as well as talking about this amazing documentary. You can’t miss this one!


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135 – Top Ten 80s Cops/Cop Movies

This week we’re there on the front lines with the policemen and women of law enforcement around the world. We have a look at some of the great, the gritty and the funny cop movies from the 1980s!



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