Coming Up – Blue Thunder

In the war against crime, this helicopter has no equal! Join us this week as we get to the choppa and fly over Los Angeles hunting criminals in Blue Thunder! Podcast out Thursday

1 thought on “Coming Up – Blue Thunder

  1. Alright!! Very cool!! Can’t wait to hear this one!! Love it!! Seen it a billion times!!
    So many “six degrees” can be gotten from this one!
    Roy Scheider, his watch, 79 “Bandit” Trans Am, Candy Clark, Warren Oates last film, and of course the mandatory english villain, the great Malcolm McDowell, plus that great chopper of course!
    My favorite scene is when they blow up the chicken restaurant! Hahahah
    Angry, don’t forget to research if the helicopter loop is a myth! Hahahah
    “Catch you later!” Hahhhah

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