Coming Up – Blue Velvet

Before there was the TV classic Twin Peaks there was the 1986 David Lynch film Blue Velvet. Dark, confronting and utterly brilliant. And yes, it is this weeks movie! Join us for trivia gossip and details on this amazing noir film

4 thoughts on “Coming Up – Blue Velvet

  1. Holy fuck cannot believe you two are covering this film!!!! I adore this movie. I’ve listened to previous podcasts but this is such a surprise. NEVER thought you two would do this movie! Awesome! Can’t wait to listen to how you handle Franks ‘fucks’ in every sentence. Lot’s of beeps I guess?? Still so looking forward to this! Good on you both for tackling a rather ‘full on’ movie. I raise a glass to you both!

  2. Seriously? This is AWESOME! Such a dark disturbing film and I ADORE it! Found you from Buzzz radio. I’ve read your list and will check out other podcasts but just cannot believe you are covering this! I listened tonight of your Fly podcast and love your style. You are both obviously doing 80s films you both love. So refreshing. Are you beeping out the ‘swear words’? Oh god can’t wait to listen. Promise to leave comment once it’s out and I listen to it! Can I get a mention please? Would make my day!

    • Hi Drew, thanks for taking the time to write – definitely get a mention next after Blue Velvet! (Already recorded at the time I read this ) Great you’re enjoying the podcast, thanks so much for your support!

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