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  1. Ok, so i am gonna get in early this week rather than being weeks behind (as usual!)

    One of the many things i love about this arrange ment is how some on this list are seen as classics, others might be a bit ‘meh’ about and this film is one of them.

    Through my life the whole Lord of Rings/Game Of Thrones/Skyrim (for you gamers) phenomenon has easily passed me by, I guess i just dont do wizards n sorcery… but understand why others would.

    So here’s my thing – they showed this thing at a School Summer party – a bit of homework i managed to date it as my mate was passing around this ‘new’ album Genesis’ Invisible Touch – which would make it 86. Anyway it was on, a old projector (as the cinema’s used) an all boys secondary school, 700+ lads !! then are some point the teacher turns down the picture but not the audio andI can only imagine erm….shenanigans happened …involving lady and gentleman’s aperture – i sounded like that anyway !! to which the audience booed like i never heard since hahaha… I still haven’t seen the film NOR that scene I think it would ruin the sauciness of it, as it was probably as timid as hell. For example they also showed some pop videos one of which was David Bowie’s China girl only to ‘darken’ the beach scene when they basically ‘kiss’! .

    I will say this being red blooded and a fan of Helen Mirren pictures of her in her outfit were well received in the playground, and (as fore mentioned with Trading Places on Jamie Lee Curtis) she helped in difficult times and raised the bar to level i could only wish to aspire !! I look forward to the podcast !


  2. I saw this movie as a young man and loved it. So erotic, accurate re the history of King Arthur and erotic. The visuals are beautiful and cannot wait what you Angry and Gidgit have to say as it’s a long movie but glad I watched it again recently with my wife. She loved it. Really looking forward to your podcast. I’ll always be ‘haunted’ by this move same with Jason and the Argonauts!

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