Coming up – Quest for fire

This week it’s time for Gidgit’s birthday pick. A lesser known film, this trailer doesn’t really do it justice, but some well known names and amazing scenes are definitely worth it! Podcast out this Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Coming up – Quest for fire

  1. I already had a huge crush on Rae Dawn Chong from her role as a teacher in The Principal (cool movie that’s in my “Top Ten 80s B Movies” list and you guys should really watch it by the way), and then I saw her in Quest for Fire when our teacher in Biology class played it fior us in school.
    Best school day ever!!

    • Hi Adriano
      Haha love that. And bless your biology teacher for showing you all this great film! No doubt best school day ever!!!
      Thanks for listening and will check out The Principal for sure! Thanks for the head’s up!
      Gidgit x

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