Coming up – The Pirate Movie

Next on the Retro Cinema is the very definition of an eighties guilty pleasure. Filmed right here in Australia – The Pirate Movie!

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2 Responses to Coming up – The Pirate Movie

  1. Tess McCain says:

    OMG I can’t WAIT. I love love love this movie. I had this on beta and wore the tape out. I know all the songs and I’m so excited for your podcast. I have not found anyone else that has podcasted this movie so I am pumped – or should I say ‘pumpin’…blowin’. Haha.

  2. GidgitVonLaRue says:

    Thanks Tess. We love it too and SUCH fun rewatching it and podcasting it. Promise – plenty of songs in our podcast….cause….we ARE the podcast kings tra la la la la!

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