Hiatus week (just the one!)

Hi all,


we’ve had an incredibly busy week at The Retro Cinema, which unfortunately has meant that we can’t get our episode of A Fish Called Wanda in time for you.

But never fear, Gidgit and Angry will be back next week with a g-g-g-great episode talking about this classic from the eighties!


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2 Responses to Hiatus week (just the one!)

  1. David Eggells says:

    First time comment. I have to say I feel such a void without your podcast this week. Hope all is fine and looking forward to your return. Could say I’m a retro cinema addict.

  2. Megan Tuffnel says:

    Where is my favorite podcast? I had to listen to RADIO on my way to work. How dare you. Can’t wait for your return. Don’t leave me hanging Gidget and Angry.

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