Coming up – Field of Dreams

If you build it…. Up next on the Retro Cinema is the American classic Field of Dreams. Out Thursday!

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093 – Young Guns

Join Gidgit and Angry this week as they’re in Lincoln County with Tunstall’s Regulators for the great (sometimes historical western from 1988 – Young Guns. With so much trivia it’ll blow you away faster than Billy the Kid!

Also, guest comments from Steve at Drift and Ramble Podcast bringing his insight into the film (and don’t miss his new podcast ”Steve Matthews Presents Raised By Wolves”)

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092 – Grease 2

It’s 1961 at Rydell High School so why not join Gidgit and Angry as they go prowlin’ for the cool rider and learn mad motorbike skills in a montage?

Lots of fun, and a great cover by the RC’s very own Lana White. You can’t miss this!

Check Lana’s other amazing work (including free songs!) HERE

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Coming Up – Grease 2

This week we look at another sequel to a classic. Grease 2! Join Gidgit and Angry at Rydell High School in 1961 for music and laughs and a great intro from the amazing Lana White!

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Two years this week! (Mashup time!)

This week marks two years of the Retro Cinema Podcast! We’d like to take the time to thank you all for the support and the fun in sharing these movies all over again with you!

Special thanks to the Colonel for putting together such a fantastic video to celebrate!

– Gidgit, Angry, Colonel and Lana

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091 – Top Ten Music Scores

This week we celebrate our 100th episode! And it’s a top ten, and this time we’re looking at the best movie scores from the 1980s.

Joining us and bringing his expertise to the list is a huge fan of Eighties Music, 80sHog!

Thanks for joining us Hog! Find him on twitter here, and his blog here !

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090 – White Mischief

Sultry, sexy and hot. Three words you could use to describe this fantastic 80s movie. Stunning cast, intriguing plot, fashion and music? What else do you need?

This week we’re in Kenya getting up to a little White Mischief…

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Coming Up – White Mischief

This week we take a look at a film that many haven’t seen, but with a hugely fascinating backstory of drama, intrigue and infidelity… Join us as we look into some of the characters whom this true story is based on!

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089 – The Blues Brothers

This week Gidgit returns with a bang as we hit the streets of Chicago and enjoy the comedy and the classic blues songs of one of the all time favourites around the Retro Cinema – The Blues Brothers!

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088 – Dune

This week Angryman is joined by Colonel Kickhead as the boys get together, loosen the stillsuits and talk all things Fremen and why the sleeper must awaken!

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