Coming Up – Amadeus

This week we’re in Vienna and the 1984 biopic on one of the greatest composers of all time – Mozart! Rock me Amadeus!

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063 – Children of the Corn

This week Gidgit Von LaRue and Angryman are running around Gatlin Nebraska taking selfies… Not really, but they are talking all things spooky in this 1984 Stephen King classic!

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Coming up – Children of the corn

This week we’re in Nebraska… And apparently the only two adults around are Gidgit and Angry. Nothing can go wrong, right?  Out this week!

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062 – Top Ten Character Dinner Guests

It’s three courses of 80’s movies characters as Gidgit and Angry sit down for dinner with some of their favourite characters from those legendary movies we all love. Who have they invited? And with lots of listeners contributing some fantastic guests too!

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Coming Up – Top Ten Dinner Character Dinner Guests

It’s a dinner party and you’re all invited. Join us Thursday for our January Top Ten where we chat about who we’d like to have to dinner!

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061 – Better Off Dead

This week Gidgit and Angry are in Greendale CA, ready to ski the K-12. Right after they restore a gorgeous ’67 Camaro. Join us as we dodge paying the paperboy his two dollars and enjoy the classic Better Off Dead all over again!

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Coming Up – Better Off Dead

This week we look at the well requested 80’s dark comedy classic Better Off Dead. Our Thursday!

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060b – The Empire Strikes Back (Part Two)

Join Gidgit and Angryman as they embark on exploring the second half of the amazing 1980 entry in to the Star Wars franchise. Warning – Spoilers!

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2018 – Is your choice on the List?

Hoping you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Years, but here at the Retro Cinema we’re back in to it!

We’ve got movies galore on our minds and a couple of new Top Tens in the pipeline for you, but if you’re wanting to see your movie on our podcast sooner rather than later (and that’s already happened a few times) let us know what you’re wanting to see!

And if you have an idea for a Top Ten? Let us know!

Post a comment here, email us at

or hit us up on twitter @theretrocinema !

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060a – The Empire Strikes Back

The Retro Cinema brings in 2018 with a classic among classics – Arguably – well, we both think so, the best in a franchise spanning decades! Join us on Hoth as we head into space and then Dagobah… well you get the idea..

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