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Hi all,

Just wanted to post a quick thank you to all that take the time to post a comment on Podcast episodes.

We do love reading them and try and always reply – we love doing this and love sharing the movies with you.

It’s great you’re enjoying our work – we hugely appreciate your support !

Stay Retro!

Gidge & Angry

7 thoughts on “Podcast Comments

  1. Hey Gidgit here,

    Just adding to Angry’s note we SO appreciate everyone listening. We started this due to both our passion over great 80’s movies – and some not so ‘great’ ones – but we do ones we both love for what ever reason and plan on doing this until one or both of us are pushing up the daisies! So many great 80’s films to get through. We love doing it – and we love you listening and big thanks for those leaving comments. We so appreciate it. We are just hoping to get bigger, more popular and spread the love of 80’s movies to that new generation, to those of us that grew up with it – and to those who took their kids to see them!

  2. Thankyou SO much for this podcast. Heard about it on twitter. Can’t believe there is a podcast about this. So happy. Thank you Angry and Gidgit. I love this move so much. You have made my new year.

  3. LOVE going over your catalogues of podcasts! Love you did this movie. Can’t believe it. I’ve listened three times now as seems only podcast to do this movie! I don’t care critics hated it. I love it. THANK YOU. XXXXXX

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