Retro Cinema Goes YouTube!

As many of you know, Gidge’s partner the Colonel does all our GIFS (here).

But the two of them have collaborated on an amazingly brilliant 80’s movie mashup with of course, Queen!  You’re going to love it!

20 thoughts on “Retro Cinema Goes YouTube!

  1. Holy shit that is the best thing I’ve seen for 80’s movies – even including all the yearly movie and music compilations those professionals every year. How can I contact the guy Colonel person to do one of these for my pod cast? Thanks.

    • Hi Michael, He’s on twitter @colonelkickhead – we love his work, and Gidge put in a huge effort too!

  2. I’ve now watched this over six times. This was MY era of movies and I cannot wait for more podcasts! Oh please do Scarface. I know it’s heavy and violent but I love that move and so does my my wife! From Los Altos Hills, CA.

    • it’s literally on the list Calrence – about 4 weeks i think lol – Thanks for joining us! – AM

  3. Brilliant work. Guess the guy that did this is a pro editor? Even if he is great way to promote your podcast. We do one too about 40’s movies. Might have to employ him. My wife is a total 80s movie fanatic so has watched this so many times. Will listen to your podcast now. Well she will. It’s not my era of film. But well done.

    • Hi Gareth – no, not a pro, just hugely talented. He’s Gidgit’s partner. AKA The Colonel ( @colonelkickhead )

  4. Just amazing. How did you get the music in time with the clips? Blows my mind! So excited for a 2nd one@

  5. Wow someone sent this to me and I’m just so in love with this. I now want to watch these movies again, listen to all your pod casts and then rewatch this amazing clip again. How did he get the clips in time with the music? Assuming it was a ‘he’ of course. Just brilliant work. Kept ticking off my favorite eighties movies they were all in that plus some more to go which I’m sure you will do! Consider me a new fan for sure.

  6. Retro Cinema just keeps getting better and better-now not only sound but vision too! I thoughly enjoyed your 80’s movies mashup-well done! Brilliantly edited, a nifty little summation of The Retro Cinema.

  7. Will be new video coming out soon including Scarface! Just have few more podcasts to do and new video – promise xxxx So glad you all love this one. Took a lot of work and had to re edit due to using too much Big Trouble in Little Chine clip! Thus new Flash Gordon bit.

  8. Turns out 20th Century Fox took my rather ‘stern’ tweet on board and has restored our original trailer for the podcast with full fight scene from Big Trouble in Little China. Turns out PROMOTING their movies is not a ‘bad thing’. Funny that!

  9. Wow that is such an awesome edit of all the movies you have done plus great music. I showed my whole family. PLEASE do another for you next podcasts which we love. I have got my young daughter and sons into these movies due to you! No swearing so I let them listen on the way to school and they want to watch them. Some yes, some no but my wife and I are loving this and your podcast so much! You are obviously our age group of mid 40’s so these are our movies! Keep up the good work and this video is AMAZING.

    • Hi Ruth, thanks for the great comment – lwetting kids find out about 80s movies is EXACTLY why we dont have swearing. Great youre getting to enjoy these cinema gems all over again with your own kids! – AM

  10. Just saw this on twitter. OMG OMG all my favorite movies from the eighties! In such a cool clip. Will listen to your podcast now for sure. Thanks Gidgit for the link.

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