6 thoughts on “Retro Cinema Movie GIFS

  1. I’ve tried to make animated gifs and find ones. Does the person that does these take requests? They are fantastic.

  2. OMG love this film so much. Heard lots of pod casts about reviewing it but none that captured the movie. Thankyou both for this. I’m so excited I’m going to listen again while watching Die Hard! I’m over ‘reviews’ I want people that love these films, not rip them apart. Thank you so much. Giving love from Denver, Colorado here! Loving your accents.

  3. They are some of the best movie gifs I’ve ever seen! I’ve been listening to your podcast which I love. Are there gifs for all of the movies you cover? Congratulations to who ever does your animated gifs. They are beautiful.

    • Hi Sarah, Gidge’s partner @colonelkickhead (twitter) does all of them. And he does them for every movie we do!

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