152 – No Way Out

This week we’re racing against time to find the killer of a woman well known in the highest circles of Washington. It’s a detailed film with excellent performances all around!

Outro song: Gene Hackman by the Hoodoo Gurus

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122 – Gallipoli

One of the founding events that defined who we are as a nation, the war in Gallipoli changed not only the people there, but the nation supporting them. On the most sacred secular day in Australia, Gidgit and Angry talk about the film and the events of that time in August 1915.

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117 – Once Upon a Time in America (Part One)

This week Angry and Gidgit begin their two part podcast on one of the greatest films in the gangster Genre.. A huge film with amazing performances it’s time to hit the streets of New York and make a life for yourself…

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116 – Rain Man.

This week Charlie discovers the brother he never knew and a life lived in a very different way… Join us as we look at the Academy award winning Rain Man, with powerhouse performances from Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise!

(Apologies for the technical hiccup earlier!)

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102 – Planes, trains and automobiles

It’s Gidgit’s birthday pick this week, and perfectly timed for Thanksgiving! Join Steve Martin as he just tries to get home to his family for Thanksgiving… but has to travel with John Candy…

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094 – Field of dreams

This week we’re back on the diamond… in Iowa no less… enjoying another awesome baseball film… possibly the best one from the 1980’s? If you podcast it… they will listen. We love it, and know you do to! Enjoy!

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