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048 – Pet Sematary

This week we’re finding out that sometimes, Dead Is Better. Join Gidgit and Angry for their take on the classic 1989 horror Stephen KingĀ  novel now movie – Pet Sematary!

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046 – The Untouchables

It’s Chicago, 1930 and Al Capone rules the city with fear and unlimited money. One group of men dared to stand up to him and changed the course of American History. The Untouchables!

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043 – Blue Velvet

This week Gidgit and Angry delve in to the seedy underbelly of Lumberton NC as they join Jeffrey and Sandy in their investigation in to the mysterious Dorothy Vallens… That’s right, this week, it’s the genius of David Lynch before Twin Peaks came along… When a woman sang a song and wore…. Blue Velvet…

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041 – The Right Stuff

With the sad passing of the brilliant writer and actor Sam Shepard we take a look at one of his most famous roles – that of Chuck Yeager. The man who broke the sound barrier and was truly made of The Right Stuff. This pivotal role shadows over the incredible achievements of the Mercury Astronauts in a classic from the 1980’s!


Find the Childhood Remastered Podcast HERE!

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037 – Christine

This week we bought a 1957 Plymouth Fury. Nothing can go wrong… right? Join Gidgit and Angry as they share the love all over again for one of their favourite horror movies. Plus it’s directed by the legendary John Carpenter!

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035b – Excalibur

This week Gidgit Von LaRue and Angryman continue their look at the greatest cinematic treatment of the Arthurian legend – Excalibur. Plus, they do squeeze in a couple more references from the Monty Python version too!

Our podcast buddies over at the Countdown Podcast can be found here!

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035a – Excalibur

This week we go back to 1981 for the greatest King Arthur movie of them all! A movie so big that we decided to make it a double episode full of chrome covered knights, epic battles and some very funny lines from the greatest Magician in history – Merlin! Also, we may reference Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Just a little bit.



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029b – Scarface (Part Two)

This week Gidgit and Angry continue their discussion on the Gangster classic from 1983 Scarface. More trivia, more music and more coke!

You can find Stewart Stafford’s great article on Scarface (Angry talks about it) here

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029a – Scarface

This week it’s lots of guns and a truckload of cocaine as Gidgit and Angry start their two part podcast on the absolute classic Scarface!

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026 – Witches of Eastwick

Gidgit is well tanned from Hawaii and back in the Retro Cinema HQ and chatting to Angryman this week about the all star cast in the great 1987 classic Witches of Eastwick

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