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023 – Creepshow

This week we’re in 1982 (again!) for the cinema hit and horror favourite Creepshow! Lots of great stories and the amazing Adrienne Barbeau in a hilarious role (admirably imitated by Gidgit!) You cannot miss this!


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013 – An American Werewolf In London

This week we’re checking out the 1981 classic An American Werewolf In London. Combining comedy and horror with a good dose of gore, AAWIL is a film that helped redefine just what was possible with makeup before CGI invaded our screens. And we’re looking at an early example of the (now) film genre of Comedy/Horror. It’s a classic for a reason kids!



And here’s what Angryman was talking about in terms of what was really happening (Spoiler Alert)

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006 – Poltergeist

This week the indomitable Gidgit Von LaRue and AngryMan enjoy the paranormal pleasure that is 1982’s Poltergeist!


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