The Retro Cinema Podcast Update

Sorry there have been no recent 80’s movie podcasts.

Angryman and I have decided to take a year off. Hopefully we will be back in 2023. We would like to thank Lana White @lana_white_ for her AMAZING theme songs and contributions to our podcast. Also Colonel Kickhead who has tirelessly worked in front & behind the scenes editing, doing gifs, poster work, co-hosting and general podcast support. And thank you to all our wonderful guests who have joined either myself or Angry to lend their expertise, insight and love for 80’s movies to our podcast.

But most of all thank you to all our listeners & supporters of The Retro Cinema Podcast because without you there would be no podcast. You have all made the last six years a pure pleasure for both Angry & myself and we hope to be back with you in 2023.

-Gidgit Von Larue  & Angryman