078 – Top Ten Movies with Computers

This week we’re look at how computers in movies affected the films. The eighties was the era of the home computer and influenced so many storylines. Is yours on our Top Tens?

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5 Responses to 078 – Top Ten Movies with Computers

  1. Terrence Weem says:

    I had computers since 1980 and this list is total fun!

  2. Simon Dance says:

    Big fan of your podcast but I confess the Top Tens are my jogging podcast. I laugh while jogging which makes me look insane but I don’t care. Wish you did Top Tens each week. My first computer was a 1984 Apple Macintosh.

  3. David Eggells says:

    Can I just have a pod cast of Gidget laughing please. Thank you.

  4. Darren Mulvile says:

    JUST found your podcast and going through your Top Tens first then the movies.
    What a wonder you both are. Sound great, fun, funny, interesting, clever.
    Great I found you.

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