Welcome to the Retro Cinema Podcast


Welcome to the Retro Cinema Podcast.

We’re a couple of twitter junkies that spend a lot of time watching Australian reality TV and then end up talking about movies we love. Specifically all those great classics we grew up on throughout the 1980’s.

So we thought we might as well put it all together and share our thoughts on a Podcast where every week we’ll find another movie to chat about. And while we’re happy looking at other decades for a film, wow do we have a lot to cover in the 80’s

We’re not looking at it from the perspective of film connoisseurs. We’re having a laugh celebrating the sheer entertainment that is going to the movies.

We’re putting it all together at the moment and should have the first podcast out shortly.

We hope you enjoy it

Gidgit VonLaRue and AngryMan


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